Optimal Virtual Reality Usage

Arsenal is one of the most illustrious football clubs in the world. The 13-time Premier League winner has been working with Beyond Sports for two years now. Recently they provided us with the information that they wanted to create a special room for the usage of virtual reality products. This room gave them the opportunity to train with virtual reality in an effective and time-efficient way. 

What we did is use our virtual reality experience to create the most optimal setting for the use of virtual reality training. The result was an immersive training room for professional football players where they can practise Unity build 3D situations in virtual reality. 

‘I think having a purpose designed specific space to put this system in is a key part. It really helps engage the players. It really helps to captivate their imagination.’ - Ben Knapper

Analysis Suite

There’s no standard set up for an Analysis Suite. Taking the demands of Arsenal into consideration, we’ve designed a smart room where users can get the most out of our virtual reality products. 

The Beyond Sports truss, three flat screen TVs that serve as second screens, the virtual reality headset and a small ‘pitch’. One room with the entire Beyond Sports set-up. Unique. 



Match Analysis and VR Training

Both VR Match Analysis and VR Training are part of the program Arsenal uses. This gives users the opportunity to choose between reliving certain situations coming from the real-life match and training programs, all in Virtual Reality. 

This way, the Youth Academy has the chance to train on first-team level. Custom scenarios made using the clubs’ philosophy. Creating players that are ready for the first team at a younger age than before.  1-0 to the Arsenal. 

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