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Goalkeeper Training

Stoke City. The second oldest football club in the world. After years of having played on a lower level, Stoke has returned to Premier League in 2008. Since then, Stoke City has been a solid contender in the world’s most watched competition. To make sure it will stay that way, Stoke has decided to collaborate with Beyond Sports.

What we did is use our virtual reality experience to create the most optimal setting for the use of virtual reality training. The result was a customized VR Goalkeeper Training tool where the players can practise Unity build 3D situations in virtual reality.

Match Analysis

As most of the teams that use Beyond Sports, Stoke City makes use of the VR Match Analysis to analyse recent matches with the opportunity to emerge players in situations they witnessed in the game as well. Recent integration of SportsCode lets the coaches compare the VR situation to the actual camera footage, providing the players with more in-depth information.

Goalkeeper Training

One thing that makes the Stoke case unique is the focus on goalkeeper training. Instead of using the VR Training for all the players on the pitch, the Stoke staff saw the exclusive benefits that virtual reality training offers for the goalkeepers. With positioning being one of the most important aspects of being a goalkeeper, our training product can enhance this particular skill. Relive match moments and position yourself in the right place, so that you will recognize these certain situations in real football matches as well.

Training decision-making skills and spatial awareness of goalkeepers to benefit in real life.


Instead of using the Beyond Sports in the usual set-up with a truss, Stoke City uses the products in a space-saving way. Just one laptop combined with three portable screens that show the video output, oculus output and a helicopter view in VR. Lack of space being the reason behind this, it offers the club the opportunity to easily transport the goods and use it on other locations as well. 

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