Live a unique 3D experience at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Last week was the kick-off of the “Mojo Backstage” exhibition at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft where we had the opportunity to create a unique 360° 3D experience for the visitors. By wearing a VR headset visitors witness Ronnie Flex being interviewed and join him on stage during a concert.

Ellen Borger, the director of the exhibition said: "We had a wonderful kick-off event and last weekend was great! The visitors like the 3D experience and the instructing students find it easy to explain."

If you want to be part of this unique experience, don’t hesitate to go to the ”MOJO Backstage” exhibition, that includes the 3D experience in Museum Prinsenhof Delft, until the 1st of September (7 days; 11-17.00)

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A day with Nicolaas Westerhof getting ready for MNF

When Jamie Carragher becomes Mo Salah

During last Monday Night Football #MNF Jamie Carragher was able to be Mo Salah for a minute and see what it is from the player perspective. In fact, during the clash between Liverpool and Southampton (3-1), Mo Salah scored a 80th minute goal.

Thanks to our VR technlogy, the presenter had the opportunity to become the famous soccer player, Mo Salah and go through one of the best goal of the season for Liverpool.

Live VR analysis

On Monday Nicolaas Westerhof, Co-Founder and CTO of Beyond Sports, was getting ready for the MNF in the aim to provide a complete VR live analysis regarding the game that happened on Friday. Our facilities helps to have a player point and view and then recreate the best goals. Nicolas was on the spot to make sure that the VR analysis worked well last Friday, and that the rights movements of the game could be analysed in the best way.

See the final result on Instagram and on Twitter for a longer analysis.

Virtual reality gives more perspectives to soccer viewers

This week's VAR moment happened at the match ADO Den Haag - FC Utrecht.

At the time the score is 1-0, FC Utrecht is on the attack. On the right side of the field, FC Utrecht striker Gyrano Kerk has the ball at his foot. He waits until right back Sean Klaiber shows up.

The moment Klaiber steams up, Kerk gives him the ball. The right back extends to the end line and passes to Sander van de Streek, who scores the goal. At that time assistant referee Balder already flags for offside of Klaiber.

Referee Allard Lindhout listens to his assistant and rejects the goal. At that time, VAR Edwin van de Graaf reviews the situation again. He concludes that he cannot say anything about the situation based upon solely the images. The decision remains unchanged.

Virtual reality

Beyond Sports teams up with FOX Sports to develop a Virtual Reality application to present new perspectives in situations at soccer matches. In this situation, a VR fragment has been created to give the TV viewer insight into the position and decision of assistant referee Balder.

So far, these VR images cannot be consulted by the referee, assistant referee or VAR during matches. The VR images therefore have no influence on the decision of the referees.

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NHL 1st League to deliver real-time analytics to benches for coaches and players

As you could read in our previous news articles, the NHL introduced player and puck tracking technology - to fans - for the first time at January’s All-Star Game. 6 Tech companies - all VR (among them Beyond Sports) or gambling focused  - had the opportunity to showcase commercial applications for the comprehensive data collected. Now the league has announced that it will deploy the tracking technology (full-time) for regular season games next season.

By doing so, the NHL becomes the 1st and only sports property delivering real-time video and data to the benches for the coaches and players” when (following the ASG) it began feeding teams on-ice analytics during games. Historically teams had an assistant print out game summaries and run them to coaches at the completion of each period, for review during intermission. The change, which now gives coaches access to more than 30 real-time statistics (on +/- 350 events/game) in real time, enables them to make informed adjustments on the fly. The data being transmitted today is found in the public domain, but the league has plans to integrate player and puck tracking analytics upon completion of testing.

Read more about the NHL and the possible commercial applications for comprehensive data in a blog by John Wall Street.

This is how the NHL and Beyond Sports contribute to revolutionising the way we consume sports

The NHL produced a great video showcasing new experiences for hockey fans based on data created by tracking puck and NHL players. Beyond Sports was in that video as well, as we demonstrated how visualising data can bring fans closer to the game. By letting them exprience the game from every angle, from every player perspective in real time through virtual reality.

Martin Bachmayer, CEO & founder of Jogmo World Corp. (developers of the puck & player tracking system) posted that video on LinkedIn. Let this video inspire you on these new experiences. And how the NHL and Beyond Sports contribute to revolutionising the way we consume sports. Enjoy!

Jamie Carragher uses Virtual Reality Technology by Beyond Sports on MNF to analyse the game

Read the article Jack Kenmare wrote for Sport Bible in which he describes that using Virtual Reality during a coverage of a match, may be the future of football as we know it.

"Sky Sports have decided to try Virtual Reality during tonight's coverage of Liverpool against West Ham on Monday Night Football and it really is magnificent. Jamie Carragher was the man behind the glasses and well, he did a cracking job throughout".

And enjoy the video of Jamie Carragher (and Nicolaas Westerhof of Beyond Sports) below :)!

How tracking data in the NHL contributes to an epic fan experience

Want to experience a match from the ice itself and see it through the eyes of any ice hockey player? Through tracking data you will be able to do so! By wearing a virtual reality headset, you suddenly can become a Golden Knight, facing an important decision to be made on the ice. Beyond Sports showed in Vegas the possibilities of turning data into a virtual coaching and broadcast tool.

Read the article of Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet in which he interviews Sander Schouten of Beyond Sports about these possibilities. And how he could experience for himself how it is to see a match from the perspective of an ice hockey player on the ice.