NHL 1st League to deliver real-time analytics to benches for coaches and players

As you could read in our previous news articles, the NHL introduced player and puck tracking technology - to fans - for the first time at January’s All-Star Game. 6 Tech companies - all VR (among them Beyond Sports) or gambling focused  - had the opportunity to showcase commercial applications for the comprehensive data collected. Now the league has announced that it will deploy the tracking technology (full-time) for regular season games next season.

By doing so, the NHL becomes the 1st and only sports property delivering real-time video and data to the benches for the coaches and players” when (following the ASG) it began feeding teams on-ice analytics during games. Historically teams had an assistant print out game summaries and run them to coaches at the completion of each period, for review during intermission. The change, which now gives coaches access to more than 30 real-time statistics (on +/- 350 events/game) in real time, enables them to make informed adjustments on the fly. The data being transmitted today is found in the public domain, but the league has plans to integrate player and puck tracking analytics upon completion of testing.

Read more about the NHL and the possible commercial applications for comprehensive data in a blog by John Wall Street.