Stoke City & Beyond Sports partner up!

July 20th, 2017

June 28, 2017 - STOKE ON TRENT – Stoke City will start working with virtual reality at the start of the new season. In collaboration with the Dutch sports tech company Beyond Sports, Stoke City will focus on analysing matches in virtual reality and training their keepers with this rapidly evolving technology.

The virtual reality technology Beyond Sports offers, is based on real match data and ables a soccer club to create scenarios based on a certain game-plan or a very specific approach. The Potters will start focusing on training their keepers, where positioning is a crucial part of the play. Recreating situations in virtual reality enhances the ability to position themselves better.

Scientific research fuels the possibilities for more specific training for individual athletes and promises structural player enhancement in both performance and tactical decision making. Reliving certain situations through the eyes of the player gives incredible insights that come from the position from which the player actually witnessed the game. Recognition leads to enhancement. 

Stoke City is not the first professional football club in the United Kingdom to use virtual reality to enhance their players. Beyond Sports already partnered up with Arsenal two years ago.

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