Part 1: Justus Dingemanse (Voetbalzone): ''As a viewer, you can see what the players see in the field through VR technology''

April 19th, 2018

Part 1: Beyond Sports and Voetbalzone

Today part 1 of the article about Beyond Sports!

Great article written by Justus Dingemanse from Voetbalzone about how Beyond Sports has started, the developments over the last years and what Beyond Sports offers. 

Voetbalzone is known as the biggest football news site in the Netherlands with 3.500.000 visitors per month. Voetbalzone also has a large forum where the football fans discuss about players, clubs and developments in the football world. The Voetbalzone forum has grown over the years into the largest football forum in the Netherlands.

You can read part 1 of article here.

(Including an interview with Sander Schouten about the world premiere of the live broadcast match between PSV and AJAX in virtual and about Beyond Sports).

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