A day with Nicolaas Westerhof getting ready for MNF

When Jamie Carragher becomes Mo Salah

During last Monday Night Football #MNF Jamie Carragher was able to be Mo Salah for a minute and see what it is from the player perspective. In fact, during the clash between Liverpool and Southampton (3-1), Mo Salah scored a 80th minute goal.

Thanks to our VR technlogy, the presenter had the opportunity to become the famous soccer player, Mo Salah and go through one of the best goal of the season for Liverpool.

Live VR analysis

On Monday Nicolaas Westerhof, Co-Founder and CTO of Beyond Sports, was getting ready for the MNF in the aim to provide a complete VR live analysis regarding the game that happened on Friday. Our facilities helps to have a player point and view and then recreate the best goals. Nicolas was on the spot to make sure that the VR analysis worked well last Friday, and that the rights movements of the game could be analysed in the best way.

See the final result on Instagram and on Twitter for a longer analysis.