Virtual reality gives more perspectives to soccer viewers

This week's VAR moment happened at the match ADO Den Haag - FC Utrecht.

At the time the score is 1-0, FC Utrecht is on the attack. On the right side of the field, FC Utrecht striker Gyrano Kerk has the ball at his foot. He waits until right back Sean Klaiber shows up.

The moment Klaiber steams up, Kerk gives him the ball. The right back extends to the end line and passes to Sander van de Streek, who scores the goal. At that time assistant referee Balder already flags for offside of Klaiber.

Referee Allard Lindhout listens to his assistant and rejects the goal. At that time, VAR Edwin van de Graaf reviews the situation again. He concludes that he cannot say anything about the situation based upon solely the images. The decision remains unchanged.

Virtual reality

Beyond Sports teams up with FOX Sports to develop a Virtual Reality application to present new perspectives in situations at soccer matches. In this situation, a VR fragment has been created to give the TV viewer insight into the position and decision of assistant referee Balder.

So far, these VR images cannot be consulted by the referee, assistant referee or VAR during matches. The VR images therefore have no influence on the decision of the referees.

Original article: https://www.foxsports.nl/video/3049817/var-moment-van-week-doelpunt-utrecht-afgekeurd/#