Professional Player Enhancement

“When I saw Beyond Sports for the first time, I was amazed. This was a ready made product that we could use straight away, and it transitions into our processes really well. I’m happy that we can work together.”

Ben Knapper, Head of Performance Analysis at Arsenal F.C.

Over the past 4 years, Beyond Sports has proven itself to be a valuable addition to club’s performance departments, helping first team players as well as youth and developmental squads. For the Eredivisie, this means a better quality of analysis offered to the teams, enriched youth development, and, in the end, an overall upgrade in league quality that can put the Eredivisie technologically ahead of every other European league.

Beyond Sports offers VR Match Analysis and VR training.

VR match analysis

Integration of the virtual simulation in the club’s workflow:

- The next generation of video analysis

- Analyse the match from any perspective

- Through the eyes of the athletes/players, the coaches or even your opponents

Relive an entire match or specific match moments in VR from any perspective. Analyse the match through the player’s eyes, from a tactical top-view, or even from the opponent’s perspective. In a plug and play design, the virtual simulation is combined with event tagging and real video. This is the next generation of video analysis.

In the Beyond Sports Match Analysis Suite, players and coaches can put on the VR headset and analyse their decisions while synchronised to the real match footage. Support for event tagging allows for seamless integration in the daily workflow. Using a controller, they can play, pause, fast-forward and rewind and easily switch perspectives on the go. In the suite, both the virtual point of view of the player wearing the headset as well as the real match video will be visualized on big screens in real time. Allowing the coach and player to interact and engage in tactical discussions.

VR training

Interactive training scenarios are used to educate first team as well as youth players according to the tactical ideas of the club or coach. The scenarios are easily created from raw data with the Beyond Sports Scenario Creation tool. Coaches can use the created scenarios to let players retake and discuss past decisions, or the club can use the Custom Scenarios training program as an addition to the daily practice on all levels of the academy. The Custom Scenarios training program offers training possibilities in the two main tactical football specific skills: passing and positioning.

All training scenarios are created from actual positional data of real matches, making Beyond Sports the only company providing VR training that matches the speed and intensity of an actual professional match. This opens the door for another use: youth players can now tactically train on the level of the first team. When we put youth players through training scenarios created from first team data, they will have to deal with the speed of the match of that first team. Although they cannot yet physically cope with that level of play, youth players can already start to learn to make tactical decisions on the top level. They will gain experience that can’t be learned anywhere else.

Coaches will receive reports on how well their players have performed, with analysis on decisions made, reaction times, longitudinal performance and, in the future, even on eye-tracking and gaze behaviour data.

Players will train:

  • Spatial awareness

  • Pattern recognition

  • Decision making skills

  • Tactics, without the physical strain

  • Under pressure they don’t yet deal with in their own matches

  • According to the club’s custom playing philosophy

  • Exactly what the coach wants them to train

  • In their own time, without having to be on the pitch with 21 others

And remember: it’s not a replacement for physical training on the pitch, it’s an enhancement. 

The Beyond Sports Suite is set up at multiple professional clubs, including a fully dedicated room at the Arsenal F.C. Training Grounds, at AZ Alkmaar, PSV, Ajax, KNVB, Stoke City FC and the DFB.