Wherever they are. From every angle. As any player.

Beyond Sports does not only help you enhance your game. But also the way your fans can be part of it all. How fans can be immersed in their favourite game. Wherever they are. From every angle. As any player.

Let us give you an overview.

  • Truly interactive
  • Truly immersive
  • Reliving the moment
  • Engage Choosing your own match highlights

  • Engage Becoming your favourite player

  • Engage Seeing it from the opponent’s point of view

  • Engage Reliving the moment

Did you know?

  • VR Live TV

    We are an official partner of one the main sports broadcasters. Supplying VR ‘nearly live’ TV. Using our own VR cameraman.

  • eSports

    We are top of the league when it comes to eSports: we would like to share this with you.

  • VR Application

    We can help you develop your own branded VR app, together with a branded Google Cardboard.

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