Watch it live from any angle, any location.

Beyond Sports offers an amazing service. VR Live Broadcasting. Using our own VR cameramen.

On 26 February we made history, as the official partner of one of the main sports broadcasters. By broadcasting the first VR Live premier league football match. Shown via TV and live streaming video platforms. With live commentary provided by shoutcasters*. 

  • Be part of it
  • Wherever you are
  • As any player
  • From any angle
  • Broadcast Data

    Data is gathered from each player. Throughout the game.

  • Broadcast VR Animation

    We convert this data into VR animated characters. These characters are filmed by our own Beyond Sports cameraman.

  • Broadcast Live streaming

    Which means you can watch it. Live. From any angle. From anywhere. As any player. Even as the coach.

  • Broadcast Fan Engagement

    With this service you can offer your fans the ultimate viewing experience. Becoming their favourite player. Or even the opponents. Live.

*A shoutcaster is a person dedicated to the broadcasting side of esports, providing commentary for games. They often double as hosts for tournaments, conducting interviews and player introductions.


  • Virtual Cameraman

    Regular Virtual cameras were not going to give us the footage quality we needed for live broadcasting. That is why we developed the Virtual Cameraman; a camera control scheme designed for Virtual Reality. Place a trained cameraman in a virtual world and record the simulated match. In contrast to a real cameraman, the virtual cameraman can perform translational movement, giving him the ability to assume any thinkable position and to come closer to the match than could ever be possible in the real world.

  • Live Virtual Broadcast

    Using our fully automatic camera system that follows the play around the field without any intervention from an operator, it offers great opportunities to broadcast a full virtual match on an online platform. Plug-and-play system that offers a whole new way of automatically producing a unique full match broadcast. Virtual broadcast is targeted at the new generation of viewers; the generation whose focus lies with watching eSports and playing FIFA. Beyond Sports is bridging the gap between watching real sports and watching eSports.

  • VR Studio Analysis

    Regular post-match analysis often forget to contribute something special. With the Beyond Sports VR Analysis Tool analysts have the opportunity to relive situations through the eyes of the players on the pitch. View specific match moments such as goals, assists or free kicks through the eyes of a player, the coach or even the opponent. Split screen can show both the Virtual Reality footage as well as the analyst using it.

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