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Optimal Virtual Reality Usage

Arsenal is one of the most illustrious football clubs in the world. The 13-time Premier League winner has been working with Beyond Sports for two years now. Recently they provided us with the information that they wanted to create a special room for the usage of virtual real..

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Virtual Broadcasting

Watch it live from any angle, any location

In Short On February 26th, 2017, the Virtual Camera of Beyond Sports experienced a world’s first on FOX Sports during the live broadcast of the football match Feyenoord – PSV. Virtual Reality (VR) was used so that viewers could virtually watch the game fro..

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Stoke City

Goalkeeper Training

Stoke City. The second oldest football club in the world. After years of having played on a lower level, Stoke has returned to Premier League in 2008. Since then, Stoke City has been a solid contender in the world’s most watched competition. To make sure it will stay that way, Stoke has dec..

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Revolutionary training platform in virtual reality

Beyond Cycling Specialized is one of the most prestigious race bicycle builders in the world. They support their own team and gave us the challenge to create a training platform that would enable them to built custom courses in virtual reality. This gave them the oppo..

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Follow all our work in NFL here. What we've been up to and what we are working on.

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Other sports we are working on: Hockey, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Rowing, Badminton, Motorsport, Volleyball, Cricket.

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