Beyond Sports let’s fans consume sports in a completely new way, developed from the ground up for the next generation of fans. The younger audience will not be sitting in front of their TV screens, focusing on a live match for the full 90 minutes - even if the traditional broadcasters keep holding on to that ideal.

Because Beyond Sports is 100% virtual, it allows for the consumer to interact with the broadcast. This plays into the younger target audience who are looking for tools for participation rather than passive consumption.

All made possible by 3 unique Beyond Sports features:

1. 100% virtual

2. Locally rendered, directly on the user's device

3. Based on real data. Staying true to the real world action - live

What do we offer the next generation of sports fans?

Gamification - Beyond Sports converts traditionally passive sports viewing into an interactive, captivating experience. Through virtualization, we unlock the interactivity of the world’s favorite sports content directly to your mobile device. Select your own virtual camera perspectives. Put yourself in the game. Or even change the outcome.

Personalization - For the first time, the entire sports viewing experience can be tailored to each individual fan. Local rendering in combination with user data allows us to deliver the sports content in a way that an individual fan responds to best. This opens up new possibilities for both fan experience as well as monetization.

Experience – The next generation is done with sitting in front of a television screen. The Beyond Sports solution is built for mobile. The app can be experienced in 2D on your mobile phone screen, but also transitions smoothly into Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.